The Unremarkable Book and Other Stories

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you The Unremarkable Book and Other Stories.

This is my first self-published work, it’s a collection of short stories which I have been working on for the last five years or so. It is a swift journey through the contemplative, the sardonic, the mundane and the provocative.

“They’ll never find me, not unless I want them to. It’s been ten years, three months and 13 days since I had to run – nearly to the second in fact, or at least it was when my pen touched the page. This is the first time I’ve stopped since that fateful moment when I realised that my life was at stake. When I knew that I held the single-most important piece of knowledge the world would ever have.”

“Chris Green has a talent for suspending reality, and for inviting his readers into a slice of time… An unexpected holiday into another paradigm. Neatly packaged and all encompassing… they leave the reader yearning for so much more.”

“For the next week of shifts Ben was unable to remove that moment from his mind, he imagined his friend slipping off a rock and plunging to the ground below. In his dreams Henry came crashing down the mountainside, nothing managing to stop his uncontrolled descent. Ben spent whole days in suspense, growing more reluctant to hand over to the next shift in case they missed something. There were times when he was sure he’d seen Henry’s ascent stop, followed by an immediate plunge…”

“Classic Science Fiction meets with the voyeuristic fascination inherent in modern culture, a delightful experience with its own unique combination in every tale.”

“Uri knew the rumbling feeling well, the shaking of the earth as the cattle approached. When the pebbles and stones started to leap in the dust he knew that it was time to get out of the way. Jacob was bringing them in even quicker this time and Uri was still running to get behind the railings when the first of the cattle rattled in. Beast bounded off metal as the herd funnelled through into the pen on the other side. Dust whipped and rose into the air, the pounding hooves battering the parched ground. From Uri’s position, the farmhouse had been completely obscured by the lingering cloud; this was his time to sneak away.

You can buy the ebook from Amazon for a small fee with all profits going to charity, I’m not accepting any money for it – it’s something I feel quite strongly about.

What I do ask, however, is that you take the time to support a cause which is quite close to myself and my family and that is Invest in ME.

Invest in Me are an independent UK based charity dedicated to campaigning for bio-medical research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.). They don’t have any paid staff, they are all volunteers fighting to help bring awareness to this marginalised illness which is in great need of your support.

So you can get my book

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Any donations would be much-needed and would really help push the research being done into this marginalised and debilitating illness which has spent too long not receiving the attention it and those who suffer from it deserve.

Ok, so if you can’t pay now I won’t hold it against you!

Instead, all I ask is a moment of your time in helping gain exposure to my book and the noble cause it is trying to support. By clicking on the following button:

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