For all those waiting with baited breath for my next awesome update, sorry this isn’t it… Nope, just a quick notice that there are a few changes which are going to be going on around here over the next week or two.

If you notice what’s going wrong then, oops – that wasn’t meant to have happened. I’m conducting a few minor experiments and I want you to forget about it for the time being and go about your daily business.

Incidentally, if your daily business included hitting me up on Google+ plus that’d be awesome – I’m getting into it more and more recently, which is quite ironic because I’m pretty much hating facebook for all it’s worth at the same time. Karma? Perhaps the big G has finally worked its way into my brain via Gmail and my Nexus 7? Who knows? Either way, I prefer the interface, the people (sorry friends and loved ones!), and the distinct lack of advertising. Alright, I know this isn’t going to last long, either way they’ll monetise it, piss around with the UI or otherwise alienate the 40 or so people who frequent it’s silent halls – but for now I think I’ll stick around for a while.

So anyway, I think this is enough exposition now, so I think I’ll be signing off! Oh – one last thing, I still have a hidden “easter egg” somewhere on the site. Whilst this isn’t a literal egg, it is potentially exciting, wonderful and might lead to some kind of awesome winning feeling when you find it!

I’m waiting people, don’t let me down!


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Chris is interested by all things interesting and will write about almost anything (interest not required - but it helps!). Head of Marketing Innovation at Footprint Digital by day and father of two by night.