Working in digital marketing there is a lot of hyperbole bounded about – self-aggrandising statements and boastful claims; some worth their merit, others not.

This wasn’t the inspiration for this poem though… I won’t say where it came from for fear of loosing any kind of credibility with it.

Again, for those who like their creativity in the white cube style:

This is the best thing since
the time when all those good things happened at once

Undoubtedly the biggest achievement
only comparable to that other really big one

It is simply fastest by far
much quicker than 100 similarly quick things

Voted most liked
by those others scarcely of fondness feeling

Most value for money,
it even does everything you didn’t expect too

So good it even defies words
and still begs to be written about

It’s merits are clearly unquantifiable
it’s beauty is simple undefinable

Believe me it will get it all done,
so really then, I should by one.

Thanks to Veganbaking.net for their loaf image (visual metaphor – get it?)

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A writer-meets-SEO with a passion for all things creative and digital marketing. Chris is interested by all things interesting and will write about almost anything (interest not required - but it helps!). SEO & Content Manager at StrategiQ Marketing by day and new Dad of one and writer by night; previous work includes a BAFTA award winning game, self published short story collection a ton of verbose articles about games, international eCommerce websites and more.

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