Memorable Clichés

Some Sunday morning musings on clichés – but rather than writing some self-indulgent quasi-essay thing, I’ve written a poem instead.

And for those who don’t have images enabled, or would like to savour the words without the spiffing picture, here is the text:

Home is where the heart is
but I thought that was the chest cavity

Falling head over heels
like a mocking, comedic tragedy

The writing is on the wall
that’s called graffiti you vandal

Only time will tell
talking clock defamation scandal

She’s reading between the lines
it’s white space, I’m at a loss

And they all lived happily ever after
until they died of course

Our most memorable clichés
they’re easy to get worked up about

Many thanks to Ron Reiring, for the spiffing image, “The Loneliest Highway in the World“, which is shared as part of the Creative Commons license.

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