Adapting my own text (adventure)

I’ve been a scholar of adaptation for nearly 5 years. Well, that is amongst studying all kinds of vulgar things* like films, “culture” and other liberal arts. But in all honesty I’d like to consider that what I spent so much time studying was the universality of narrative.

The ability of stories to transcend things so trivial as medium, genre, style, time and all other arbitrary conventions. The reason why I said I studied adaptations rather than “universalities of narratives” is that, whilst the phrase “adaptations” is far from unproblematic, it is made implicit (or otherwise) in it’s definition that narrative is universal but not without needing changes (or adaptation).
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Writing Monstermind

When working Monstermind by Bossa Studios I had two objectives, the first was more a narrative consultancy level and the second was producing the in game content and facebook feed messages.

For obvious reasons I can’t display everything here, but I can give you a glimpse into my thoughts and the finished product. If you haven’t given it a go yet, I strongly advise you do – it’s great!Monstermind Continue reading