Watch the World Fail

New Year’s resolutions – everyone loves them! Or not? I’ve never been one for setting unrealistic expectations based on arbitrary happenings (besides birthdays, Christmas, Easter, my wedding anniversary…), and resolutions have always felt pretty daft to me.

Nothing personal to those who prescribe to this – just not my bag really.

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Getting Good at Social

An ever increasing part of my job includes guiding people on social media and how they need to integrate it into their business – or at least now how to harness it to gain that all important “engagement”.

But in all honesty social media’s tendrils stretch further than just the world of business – if it didn’t it wouldn’t be such a covetted area of the internet.

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Some Strange Goings On Around Here…

For all those waiting with baited breath for my next awesome update, sorry this isn’t it… Nope, just a quick notice that there are a few changes which are going to be going on around here over the next week or two.

If you notice what’s going wrong then, oops – that wasn’t meant to have happened. I’m conducting a few minor experiments and I want you to forget about it for the time being and go about your daily business. Continue reading