The production of words isn’t exactly anything to be overly excited about. We all align our thoughts into words, speak them and in due course, they get written down.

For me, one of the largest hurdles to overcome on the internet is the fact that there are myriad places to put your words, actually focusing them in an effective way becomes harder than just writing them.

Maybe I reflect on these things too much, or perhaps take for granted the value the written word – I know I’ve recently had debates to this effect with some of my other writerly companions, and it is something we all feel passionate about – but with constant talk of content and its worth, it’s all I seem to do.

But never really for myself.

Practicing what you preach is a tricky thing to do for the most part, I’ve certainly worked with many agencies/companies with more time resources and (hopefully) creativity than myself, who are worse at doing it than I am – but this is no excuse, for me or for them. Shame on you.

It is no excuse, yet this post is, in effect just that, an excuse. I spend more time producing content for others or trying to get them to do just that I rarely seem to put anything down here. Well, within the next few weeks (before my daughter arrives) I plan to unveil some of my work which has only been seen by a handful of my close friends and family and those kind enough to help edit what I’ve lost sight of.

Editing as a Humbling and Positive Experience

My time studying at university has really taught me so much about dealing with edits and revisions – far more than teaching me that proofing my own work certainly isn’t a forte. One thing I always tell any reluctant writers is that you shouldn’t be afraid of producing crap writing so long as there is a strong idea or rationale which is giving you the reason to push on.

It feels like an eternity since I had any of my creative work copy edited and without wishing to become gushy or anything, the whole thing is invigorating! What people don’t seem to understand is that good editing is a process of making something better, it should fill you with confidence and renew your faith in it.

So you didn’t get it right first time, who cares? Find out what could be improved, learn from it and write more.

Anyway, I won’t labour on about what exactly is coming – writing this now is keeping me from edits as it is – but I what I will say is that I’m excited and I hope others can share in that soon!

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Chris is interested by all things interesting and will write about almost anything (interest not required - but it helps!). Head of Marketing Innovation at Footprint Digital by day and father of two by night.