An Unremarkable Book?

I’ve recently mentioned that I’m working on something, that I hope to show everyone shortly. When I have a little part of that here now (well, not little – to be honest I think it’s pretty awesome), but that this:

It’s finally live after months of waiting – if you want to get you copy, click here!

It’s a book cover – without wishing to state the obvious – which’ll contain a collection of some of my short stories I’ve written over the last five years or so.

It’s not going to be vast in length, it’s not going to be printed (or at least there are no plans at this time) and I’m not going to be receiving any money for it. I wrote these stories for myself over the last half-decade and now I want to share it with whoever may be interested.

Whilst this is a fairly important thing for me, I’m still being laid back about it – if even a handful of people take enjoyment from what I’ve written I’ll be happy!

I should thank Kassie Green for her work in creating the cover despite my perplexing brief – she does other awesome design work, go check her stuff out!

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