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This is test 2, this page should also contain about 300 words of content on a specific subject. It is being done in conjunction with the hourly rank tracking checks by Simon & Chris at StrategiQ.

Orange Plastic Widgets Plus Valve

Orange plastic widgets are at their most superior when the come with a valve. The valve itself ensures that they have many more different applications, which massive offsets the increased cost. Plastic widgets have been a mainstay of the widget-world for some time, even if the colours can vary massively.

The colour orange has recently become the preference. Historically blue widgets were expected – like red noses are, well red! – but there many factors which bring-about this change. A surprising one relates to the market price of carrots!

Best-priced Orange Plastic Widgets Plus Valve

Finding the best price can be tricky here as the market is heavily controlled by the two main manufacturers’ price cartel.

Ebay can save you a lot of time for the price conscious, Amazon can come a close second for those who really need an Orange Plastic Widget Plus Valve. Getting stung by extra postage is pretty common, the valve version does weight more and is more awkward – so this should be expected mostly.

Don’t worry though. If the fear of the extra postage is a huge problem, you can select to have your order delivered into store not that Ebay and Argos have joined forces – little bit extra faff, but if you’re really after a bargain…

“Telephone me Ishmael.” – 10 Spun Classic Literature Opening Lines

In the past it would have been fair to say that technology and the internet in combination have created a few things that ruined writing (or at least had a damn good go at doing so!). One of those things which I have experienced first hand is the concept of “spinning” text as it was an old favourite* of internet marketeers who wanted to plagiarise text without making it look like they were plagiarising anything.

Spun text is like the original but with words or phrases replaced by different ones that broadly mean the same thing – at least that was the plan! However, the Thesaurus Spinner – a piece of software that would pick out synonyms and drop them in, seemingly at random – had a habit of reproducing work that was at best, crazy and at worst  completely unreadable.

To prove how draft spun content is, I’ve done something that literature buffs the world-over will hate me for – I’ve taken 10 opening lines of some of the most noteworthy literature classics in the English language and ran them through a Thesaurus Spinner. WARNING: this is entertaining, but also pretty sacrilegious at the same time!

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Digital Marketing Flow Chart

I don’t think anyone would disagree with me that the digital world has a certain chaotic edge to it, even with all the talk of big data, of analytics and empirical evidence, there are a huge amounts of value judgements, subjective decisions and emotional responses. If we even begin to approach the world of SEO, amplify this feeling a few times and you might get close to the feeling which is stoked around a new algorithm update from Google.

We’re all human right? This is only to be expected!

Unless you have a calculator for a brain or see the world in 0s and 1s, a fresh prospective is important when things aren’t going well. It may sound clichéd, but there few opportunities where a fresh prospective can’t shed some more on elements to be improved or changed. This is where the Digital Marketing Flow Chart comes in, it’s not a ground breaking production, moreover an act a rationalising the current situation and encouraging a step in the right direction.

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